Chris Dempsey is a graduate of the Brookline Public Schools, Pomona College (B.A.), and Harvard Business School (M.B.A.). He has taught at the Northeastern University School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. Chris lives with his wife, Anna, in the first floor of a triple-decker in Brookline Village.

Meet Chris

A proven watchdog for the public interest.

The son of public-school educators who met while teaching in the Boston Public Schools, Chris Dempsey is a proven advocate and watchdog for the public interest. Chris was named “Bostonian of the Year” by the Boston Globe Magazine in 2015 for his volunteer work leading the grassroots campaign No Boston Olympics, which was successful despite being outspent 1,500-1 by some of the most powerful business interests in the state.

Chris served as Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Governor Deval Patrick, where he co-founded the MassDOT open-data program, which launched smartphone applications that tell you when your bus or train is going to arrive, saving taxpayers and farepayers millions compared with more costly and cumbersome alternatives. In the private sector, Chris worked with some of the country’s largest companies to help the economy grow, and also led business development for a software technology startup that created jobs in Massachusetts.

Chris has worked to improve his community as an elected Town Meeting Member since 2012, and as Chair of the Transportation Board.

Chris knows how to tackle complex financial problems, build grassroots coalitions, and stand up for our most important priorities. Chris will be an Auditor who can ensure an efficient, effective, and equitable state government for all residents of the Commonwealth.

Statewide Endorsements

“I have listened carefully to the statements of the two Democratic candidates. They could not be more divergent, and I have concluded that Chris Dempsey is the best choice to be the next State Auditor.”

– Auditor Suzanne Bump

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Community Kickoff Event at the Brookline VFW Post

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About the Office of the State Auditor

The State Auditor is one of only six state officials that is accountable directly to voters. The Auditor oversees a team of about 200 analysts and auditors who dig into every corner of the executive branch of state government. The office conducts audits, investigations, and studies to promote accountability and transparency, improve performance, and make government work better.

As the Chief Accountability Officer for state government in Massachusetts, the Auditor should be someone who is independent, who has experience working in state government, and who has stood up to powerful special interests to protect taxpayers and the public interest.

Read about Chris’s plans for bringing new perspective to the Auditor’s Office on our Policy Page.

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