Women Leaders Endorsing Chris Dempsey

State Auditor Suzanne Bump

Mayor Michelle Wu

Senate Majority Leader Cindy Creem

Senator Jo Comerford

Senator Jo Comerford

Senator Cindy Friedman

Senator Joan Lovely

Senator Joan Lovely

Senator Su Moran

Senator Su Moran

State Rep. Sarah Peake

State Representative Sarah Peake

State Representative Christine Barber

State Representative Natalie Blais

State Representative Michelle Ciccolo

State Rep. Linda Dean Campbell

State Representative Nika Elugardo

State Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier

State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante

State Rep. Carole Fiola

State Representative Carole Fiola

State Representative Danielle Gregoire

State Representative Pat Haddad

State Representative Natalie Higgins

State Representative Mary Keefe

State Representative Kay Khan

State Representative Kathy LaNatra

State Representative Liz Malia

State Representative Joan Meschino

State Representative Chynah Tyler

State Representative Susannah Whipps

Our Mission:

We joined up with Chris’s team to help organize the Women for Dempsey Team and couldn’t be more excited to get this off and running. Our group is dedicated to letting the voters know what Chris can do for the Commonwealth in the Auditor’s Office. Chris’s priorities for the office will include independent oversight over significant federal stimulus money accountability on spending to reduce climate emissions and pollution and reforming basic social safety net programs to ensure they are delivering for people who need them most.

Your families, friends and communities have much at stake in these challenging times. For this reason, women throughout the commonwealth have organized to support Chris in this race for Auditor, knowing that we must work together to make a difference.

Women for Dempsey will get the message out to the voters of the importance of these policies through social media, virtual meetings, visibility, telephone banks and  sponsorship of events both live and virtual. With your help, we have the advantage of building from the ground up an organization that speaks to issues of this generation and the next.

Meet Our Women for Dempsey Volunteer Leaders:

State Committee Woman Teresa Walsh and Campaign Fellow Jessica Reilly will be your point of contact if you have ideas on how to expand the reach of the Women for Dempsey group. Inquiries can be sent directly to Jessica at [email protected]

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